Boudoir Photography

Elegance, sensuality and the often misunderstood beauty of a woman are the main characteristics of my boudoir photography.

Treating yourself to this kind of photo shoot serves, yes, in many cases for self-esteem but it is certainly also an excellent reason to live a sparkling and fun experience with a pinch of healthy malice.

This means that there is a sort of therapy in boudoir photography precisely because many insecurities and fears related to one’s body are overcome by cheerfully putting oneself into play without fear of judgement.

Having said this, it must be emphasized that you can also give your boudoir service to your partner as a wedding gift or for various occasions such as anniversaries or Valentine’s Day.

Artistic boudoir photographs are also an excellent idea for creating paintings with which to furnish your home and feel beautiful and special every day.

The pose room is the main environment for this kind of photography but a hotel suite or your own bedroom is also fine. The set will therefore have to make the protagonists feel protected and free to express their seductive side, also enhancing the imperfections which, from my point of view, are more often than not fascinating.

The choice of underwear to wear is very personal and in some cases even a simple veil and some special accessories may suffice.

For a good result of the photos, however, it is preferable to leave the model on duty free to wear those lingerie items that make her feel more self-confident with particular attention also to make-up and hair.

However, the basis for the perfect success of boudoir photographs remains cheerfulness and a light and carefree attitude different from the more driven and erotic imprint of glamor photography.

To obtain this result of liberation in front of the camera, the relationship of trust and empathy is important, which I love to establish with every woman who decides to pose for me, reciprocating this trust with the utmost professional seriousness.